Exact solutions of nonlinear models of mathematical physics

Dr. Belobo Belobo, email: belobodidier@acas-yde.org, phone: +(237) 673635393

Mathematical physics is a discipline which combines both mathematics and physics. It could be understood as a the development of mathematical tools or methods in order to apply them to solve problems in physics and propose theories in physics. It is also understood as the use of mathematical methods for applications to problems appearing in physics. This is a very active research field split in many sub-fields.

In our group, we use mathematical methods developed in the last decades to solve nonlinear partial differential equations modelling the evolution of a wide range of phenomena. We are especially interested but not limited to the quest of solitary waves (topological excitations which appear in nonlinear media due a balance between dispersion and nonlinearity),  periodic waves, vortices just to name a few. The properties of the nonlinear structures unveiled are elucidated and their relations of to experimental parameters are presented while possible experimental realizations are discussed. Our work finds applications to many physical fields where nonlinear waves are prominent objects such as wave propagation in photonic crystals, fiber optics and fluids.

Currently, we are seeking solitary waves solutions of the Kuramoto-Sivashinsky equation on the one hand and that of the Camassa-Holm equation on the second hand.


Dr. Djeumen Tchaho Clovis Taki, ACAS and Lycée Technique Fulbert Bongotha, Moanda, Gabon

Email : djeumentchaho@acas-yde.org

Dr. Omanda Huges Martial, ACAS and Ecole Normale Supérieure, Libreville, Gabon

Email : omandhuges@acas-yde.org

Dr. Belobo Belobo, ACAS

Email : belobodidier@acas-yde.org


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