Contact Information


Senior lecturer Dr. Collins Amburo Agyingi

North-West University, South Africa


Collins Amburo Agyingi, B.Sc, (Buea), PGD (Abuja), PGDS (Stellenbosch), Ph.D. (Cape Town), is a senior lecturer of mathematics in the school of mathematical and statistical sciences at the North-West University, South Africa where he has been a faculty member since October 2016. Before joining the North-West University, Dr Agyingi was a postdoctoral researcher in the department of mathematical sciences at the University of South Africa.

Collins completed his Ph.D at the University Of Cape Town, South Africa. His research interests lie in the area of asymmetric topology, ranging from quasi-metric spaces to ultra-quasi-metric spaces to quasi-uniform spaces. He is also interested in asymmetric structures in Functional Analysis and also some Fixed Point Theory in generalized metric spaces.

Collins is a registered member of the South African Mathematical Society. He is a reviewer for the National Research Foundation of South Africa. He serves as a reviewer for the journal: “Afrika Matematika” and “Questiones Matematicae”. He is also a reviewer for “zbMath (Mathematical Reviews)”. He is a Y2 rated researcher by the National Research Foundation of South Africa.