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Lecturer Dr. Djeumen Tchaho Taki Clovis

Mathematical physics

ACAS, Masuku University of Science and Technology and Technical High School Fulbert Bongotha

Clovis Taki Djeumen Tchaho  was born in  Cameroon. He played foot-ball in ‘’Stade Badjoun FC’’ 1989-1991, Bafoussam, west Cameroon. He studied physics at the University of Yaounde I, Cameroon, where he received a bachelor  degree in 1996. He continued at the same University, by joining the Laboratory of  Mechanics and Numerical Methods of the physics department, Faculty of Sciences, where he obtained a masters of Science with thesis in 2000,  a degree of advanced studies in physics option mechanics in 2001. In 2002, he was retained at the Doctorat / PhD cycle where he continued his research work. Faced with the enormous difficulties in managing his daily life, he suspended this research as early as 2004 and embraced civil society. He is Project Manager at the NGO called “Avenir NEPAD Cameroun” whose action aims to promote the objectives of NEPAD. In September 2006, he immigrated to Gabon and worked as a Vocational Teacher at the Higher Teacher Training College of Libreville, the Polytechnic School of Masuku, the DIES branch in Libreville; the Léon Mba National High School and the Saint PI-X secondary school in Libreville ( located in Rio). In 2009, he was officially assigned as a math teacher at Fulbert Bongotha Technical High School (LTFB) in Moanda until today. In 2009, he resumed with his research and obtained a Ph.D in 2015. In 2017, he joined the laboratory of mechanics and materials of the polytechnic school (Research Unit in Mechanics of Materials), Masuku University of Science and Technology, Franceville, Gabon.

Djeumen Tchaho’s  research interest revolves around the construction of solutions of nonlinear partial differential equations with applications to  nonlinear flows,  in optical systems,  classical and quantum mechanics, general physics. Djeumen Tchaho and co-workers proposed a new method for the construction of solitary wave solutions of some physical nonlinear partial  differential equations. It is for convenience that they decided to name it Bogning-Djeumen Tchaho-Kofane method (BDKm). This method allows  to obtain solitary wave solutions of  some  nonlinear partial  differential equations in mathematical physics and related fields.