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Dr. Dang Koko Adamou

Biophysicist interested in energy transport in biological systems, especially DNA and proteins.

ACAS, Yaounde, Cameroon and Higher Technical Teacher's Training College P.O. Box 886 Ebolowa, Cameroon


Born in Libreville, Gabon Adamou DANG KOKO studied Physics at the University of Yaounde I, Cameroon. In 2017, he obtained  a Ph.D in Biophysics at the Laboratory of  Nuclear, Atomic, Molecular Physics and Biophysics of the University of  Yaounde I. He is interested in charge transport in DNA, mainly on the correlation between charge transport and the dynamics of the DNA molecule, dynamics of  biological systems (proteins, microtubules …), condensed matter. Medical biophysics is also one of his center of interests particularly the study and modeling of the interactions between the radiation and the matter.