Conference center Darmastadtium, Darmstadt city, Germany
12th July 2022

As an alumni of the TWAS-DFG Fellowship Program, the Director of ACAS, Dr. Belobo Belobo, has been invited by the DFG to attend, in-person, the Curious2022-Futur Insight conference that takes place in the beautiful city Darmstadt from July 12 to July 13 2022. During this conference, Dr. Belobo Belobo Belobo took the opportunity to presents the ACAS’ vision to many participants from different parts of the world attending the conference, especially to other TWAS-DFG alumnus.

This afternoon, the TWAS/DFG Alumni kick-off event  15:00 pm starts. This will be an important opportunity to discuss how to shape and strengthen future research collaborations with Germany researchers/Institutions on the one hand, and also to initiate collaborations and network among African researchers especially TWAS-DFG alumnus.

ACAS is proud to count among its members two former TWAS-DFG Fellowship Program winners:

1. Dr. Yaé Gaba Ulrich, a mathematician from Benin, he works on Topological and Geometric Data Analysis and
Asymmetric Topology in Theoretical Computer Science, TWAS-DFG Fellowship awarded in 2018, spent at the Universität der Bundeswehr München.

2. Dr. Belobo Belobo, a Cameroonian physicist, he works on nonlinear waves with applications to ultracold atomic systems, optical waveguides; his research activities also tackle questions about energy transport and dynamics of  DNA, proteins, dynamics of active matter, and some works related to unveiling new solutions of nonlinear partial differential equations that appear in mathematical physics, TWAS-DFG Fellowship awarded in 2018, spent at the Paderborn University.


IMPACT OF TWAS-DFG Fellowship Program:

Testimony of Dr. Belobo Belobo: the TWAS-DFG Fellowship Program, to be honest, allowed me to strengthen my research collaboration with Prof. Dr. Torsten Meier from the Paderborn University, a collaboration initiated in 2017 through a research fellowship awarded by the DAAD. After returning back to Cameroon in 2019, I kept working on our research project and finally we were able to devise a algorithm which allows to find an characterize a ‘sea’ of new structures, indeed nonlinear waves, with potential applications to ultracold atomic systems, light propagation in optical media just to name a few. This work was published in New Journal of Physics DOI: I also received a Mac computer from the Paderborn University which is used by ACAS members to carry out simulations we cannot run on our slow laptops. I am still actively collaborating with Prof. Dr. Torsten Meier, he invites me to carry out research at the Paderborn University for four months from July 01 to September 30 2022 under the ‘Guest Scientits Program’ at the Paderborn University. Besides,  I also got in touch with two other researchers who also agree to collaborate with me on another project I submitted for another German Research fellowship. Last but not least, with German researchers, we intend to continue in the future to strengthen our research collaborations by  applying to other  DFG programs especially those dedicated to developing countries. The TWAS-DFG fellowship not only helped me improve the quality of my research outputs and help me publish in very good scientific journals, it has also been the starting point for substantially improving my scientific network with German researchers. I do believe that with the forth coming TWAS/DFG Alumni kick-off event, the best is still awaiting us.

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