About Us

We do believe that it is time to have a place here in Africa where researchers in this continent can come to be trained, make excellent and widely accepted research discoveries ...

Our Vision

The African continent is currently an example of an irony in its truest form – having a large concentration of all of the world's natural resources, yet it remains grossly underdeveloped with the prevalence of poverty, leading to civil unrest, crises and war ravaging the continent and leaving the African people to cope unsuccessfully with these terrible, seemingly insurmountable vices. We believe however, that we have a way out.

The redefinition of this all-be-it false characteristic is the force behind our vision. The need to give the African continent a much needs face lift is the reason for the creation of this research centre. This desire is born in light of our belief that education is one of the most essential components of any thriving continent. This is obvious from the study of all developed countries, anywhere in the world – sound, purpose driven education is without exception, extremely fundamental to the growth and development of any community, nation or continent.

We strongly uphold the thought system which iterates the fact that the African continent needs sound , value oriented education to relieve the suffering of her people and place her on the map as one of the world's key players in reform and development which will be achieved when we get counted as one of the leading continents in research and development.

As evident from all developed countries, important and stimulating research activities, programmes, institutions and organisations are set up in varying capacities and with varying scopes to drive and nurture innovation and invention. Research is a powerful tool for leaders and an essential tool for strategic decision making, leading to the constant progress observed in these countries. Unfortunately, however, the African continent still lags behind in productive research in many countries stagnating growth and limiting the impact of Africa in research and development, keeping Africa fully dependent on obviously well thought out systems of growth but which do not necessarily fit the African mould for development. Thus contributing to the lopsided growth pattern witnessed presently.

African “intellectuals" are not well trained currently, as governments prefer to focus on escortions abroad, which are not unproductive in themselves and which we encourage for cohesion and integration in ideas and ideology. However, even with this, there is also the problem of lack of sufficient financial support, leading to stagnation in research. A body stationed in Africa would negate this financial burden and resources will be better managed and used for research within than for travels which may not be in our best interest economically or may not be readily accessible as frequently as would be needed.

We do believe that it is time to have a place here in Africa where researchers in this continent can come to be trained, make excellent and widely accepted research discoveries at the highest international levels, as well as address and provide working solutions to the prevailing, most challenging issues regarding all aspects of the development of our dear continent. We need to self reliant in order to be able to make achieve great stride sin education, development and problem solving in general. We would be an asset rather than a liability on the international scale.